Limits of Confidentiality

I respect your verbal, written, and electronic communication and will strive to maintain your confidentiality as prescribed by ethical standards and legal requirements.  However, there are limits to confidentiality, for example: If you are a danger to yourself or others; if I become aware of or suspect child abuse or neglect (or vulnerable adult abuse or neglect); or if I am court ordered to testify or submit records to court. 

Electronic Communication

The client or potential client may wish to call, text, leave messages or email and may wish to have me return calls/messages.  Please consider the limits of confidentiality when using technology, such as who else may have access to your phone, computer, or email.  

Informed Consent

This is a process whereby you and I discuss possible risks and benefits as a result of therapeutic services.  It's an ongoing discussion and includes a variety of topics such as available services, referral options, case closure, treatment planning, fees, my training and qualifications, possible outcomes of services, and other topics for which you might have questions.  You, as the consumer, have choices and rights.  It's important that you understand them.